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 Mathematics Preprint Series 1991

Below is a list of reports in the Mathematics Preprint Series published in 1991, the first year of this series. The series is now continued as the CDAM Research Report Series.

If you would like a free copy of any of these reports, please send the number of the report you require, together with your name and postal address to:
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LSE-MPS-1 Representations of Planar Graphs
Graham R. Brightwell and Edward R. Scheinerman
LSE-MPS-2 On Deviation of Relative Frequencies From Probabilities
Martin Anthony
LSE-MPS-3 Möbius and the Development of Topology in the Nineteenth Century
Norman Biggs
LSE-MPS-4 Theoretical and Practical Studies of a Competitive Learning Process
N.L. Biggs, G.R. Brightwell, and D. Tsoubelis
LSE-MPS-5 Interval Orders and Linear Extension Cycles
Graham Brightwell, Peter C. Fishburn, and Peter Winkler
LSE-MPS-6 Combinatorial Proofs of the Conley-Zehnder-Franks Theorem on a Fixed Point for Torus Homeomorphisms
Steve Alpern and V.S. Prasad
LSE-MPS-7 Almost Periodic Ergodic Rn-Homeomorphisms
Steve Alpern
LSE-MPS-8 Introduction to Computational Learning Theory I
Martin Anthony and Norman Biggs
LSE-MPS-9 The Order Dimension of Convex Polytopes
Graham Brightwell and William T. Trotter
LSE-MPS-10 Endvertex-deleted Subgraphs
Josef Lauri
LSE-MPS-11 Uniform Convergence and Learnability
Martin Anthony
LSE-MPS-12 Ergodic Homeomorphisms of Compact Manifolds with Prescribed Rotation Vectors
S. Alpern and V.S. Prasad
LSE-MPS-13 Paths through Specified Vertices
Sarah Goodall
LSE-MPS-14 The Mean Chromatic Number of Paths and Cycles
Martin Anthony and Norman Biggs
LSE-MPS-15 Linear Extensions of Random Orders
Graham Brightwell
LSE-MPS-16 The Height of a Random Partial Order: Concentration of Measure
Belá Bollobás and Graham Brightwell
LSE-MPS-17 On the Fractional Dimension of Partial Orders
Graham R. Brightwell and Edward R. Scheinerman
LSE-MPS-18 A Result of Vapnik with Applications
Martin Anthony and John Shawe-Taylor
LSE-MPS-19 Stationary Equilibria for Deterministic Graphical Games
Steve Alpern
LSE-MPS-20 Typical Recurrence for Lifts of Mean Rotation Zero Annulus Homeomorphisms
Steve Alpern and V.S. Prasad
LSE-MPS-21 Learning Algorithms - Theory and Practice
Norman L. Biggs
LSE-MPS-22 Paths Through Specified Vertices in Connected Graphs
Sarah Goodall
LSE-MPS-23 Ramsey Properties of Orientations of Graphs
G.R. Brightwell and Y. Kohayakawa
LSE-MPS-24 Positive solutions of a certain second order difference equation
A.J. Ostaszewski
LSE-MPS-25 The Métro Problem: Fare Classes and Crowding Equilibria
Steve Alpern and Diane J. Reyniers

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Introduction to the CDAM Research Report Series.
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