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 Mathematics Preprint Series 1995

Below is a list of reports in the Mathematics Preprint Series published in 1995. This series is now continued as the CDAM Research Report Series.

If you would like a free copy of any of these reports, please send the number of the report you require, together with your name and postal address to:
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LSE-MPS-78 The spectral density of covering lattices
Norman Biggs
LSE-MPS-79 Spectral Measures and Walk-Generating Functions for Certain Classes of Groups
George Edward Russell
LSE-MPS-80 Problems in Combinatorics: Paths in Graphs, Partial Orders of Fixed Width
Sarah Goodall
LSE-MPS-81 Rendezvous Search on the Line With Three Players
Wei Shi Lim
LSE-MPS-82 Rendezvous Search On The Line With More Than Two Players
Wei Shi Lim, Anatole Beck, and Steve Alpern
LSE-MPS-83 Minimax Rendezvous On The Line
Wei Shi Lim and Steve Alpern
LSE-MPS-84 Models for Research
Anatole Beck
LSE-MPS-85 Random Walks and Electrical Resistances in Products of Graphs
Belá Bollobás and Graham Brightwell
LSE-MPS-86 National Net Worth
Anatole Beck
LSE-MPS-87 The Gallai-Younger Conjecture Holds For Planar Graphs
B.A. Reed and F.B. Shepherd
LSE-MPS-88 Balancing Pairs and the Cross Product Conjecture
G.R. Brightwell, S. Felsner, and W.T. Trotter
LSE-MPS-89 Weak utilities from acyclicity
J.C.R. Alcantud
LSE-MPS-90 Interpolation and Learning in Artificial Neural Networks
Martin Anthony
LSE-MPS-91 The Potential of Potential Theory
Norman L. Biggs
LSE-MPS-92 Rendezvous Search on the Line with Bounded Resources
Steve Alpern and Anatole Beck
LSE-MPS-93 On the Boolean Dimension of Spherical Orders
Graham Brightwell and Paolo Giulio Franciosa
LSE-MPS-94 On-Line Multicolouring with Limited Recolouring
Jeannette Janssen and Kyriakos Kilakos
LSE-MPS-95 Potential Theory on Graphs
Norman Biggs
LSE-MPS-96 Saturated identifications and topological properties of GPO-spaces
J.C.R. Alcantud and J.M. Gutiérrez
LSE-MPS-97 A Model of Bias Learning
Jonathan Baxter
LSE-MPS-98 Preference through indifference: a topological approach
J.C.R. Alcantud and J.M. Gutiérrez

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