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 CDAM Research Report Series 1996

Below is a list of Research Reports published in 1996.

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LSE-CDAM-96-01 Face Extensions in Planar Cubic Graphs
K. Kilakos and F.B. Shepherd
LSE-CDAM-96-02 Accuracy of techniques for the logical analysis of data
Martin Anthony
LSE-CDAM-96-03 Chip firing and the critical group of a graph
Norman Biggs
LSE-CDAM-96-04 A Rendezvous-Evasion Game On Discrete Locations With Joint Randomization
Wei Shi Lim
LSE-CDAM-96-05 Rendezvous-Evasion As a Multi-Stage Game With Observed Actions
Wei Shi Lim
LSE-CDAM-96-06 Rendezvous-Evasion Games: Coordination Without Focal Points
Steve Alpern and Wei Shi Lim
LSE-CDAM-96-07 Fixed Preference Channel Allocation for Cellular Telephone Systems
J. Janssen, K. Kilakos, and O. Marcotte
LSE-CDAM-96-08 Geometric Techniques for Estimating Numbers of Linear Extensions
Belá Bollobás, Graham Brightwell, and Alexander Sidorenko
LSE-CDAM-96-09 The Graphs with all Subgraphs T-Perfect
A.M.H. Gerards and F.B. Shepherd
LSE-CDAM-96-10 A Gray Code for Fixed-Point-Free Involutions
T.R. Walsh
LSE-CDAM-96-11 Chip firing on distance-regular graphs
Norman Biggs
LSE-CDAM-96-12 Rendezvous search on the interval and the circle
J.V. Howard
LSE-CDAM-96-13 Rectangle and Box Visibility Graphs in 3D
Sándor P. Fekete and Henk Meijer
LSE-CDAM-96-14 Angle-Restricted Tours in the Plane
Sándor P. Fekete and Gerhard J. Woeginger
LSE-CDAM-96-15 The Complexity of an Inverse Shortest Paths Problem
Sándor Fekete, Stephan Kromberg, Winfried Hochstättler, and Cristoph Moll
LSE-CDAM-96-16 An Optimal Solution to the "Philadelphia" Channel Assignment Problem
Jeannette Janssen and Kyriakos Kilakos
LSE-CDAM-96-17 Polyhedral Analysis of Channel Assignment Problems: (I) Tours
Jeannette Janssen and Kyriakos Kilakos
LSE-CDAM-96-18 Bounded Stable Sets: Polytopes and Colourings
Jeannette Janssen and Kyriakos Kilakos
LSE-CDAM-96-19 On the Edge Connectivity, Hamiltonicity and Toughness of Vertex-Transitive Graphs
Jan van den Heuvel and Bill Jackson
LSE-CDAM-96-20 Multilayer neural networks: one or two hidden layers?
G. Brightwell, C. Kenyon, and H. Paugam-Moisy
LSE-CDAM-96-21 Strategic Mating with Homotypic Preferences
Steve Alpern and Diane Reyniers
LSE-CDAM-96-22 Consultancy Report: A Resilience Strategy for a Single Source-Destination Pair
Graham Brightwell and Bruce Shepherd
LSE-CDAM-96-23 Graph Labelling and Radio Channel Assignment
J. van den Heuvel, R.A. Leese, and M.A. Shepherd
LSE-CDAM-96-24 The Number of Partial Orders of Fixed Width
Graham Brightwell and Sarah Goodall
LSE-CDAM-96-25 On Half-Cuts
M. Conforti, C. De Francesco, and F.B. Shepherd

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