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 Mathematics Preprint Series 1993

Below is a list of reports in the Mathematics Preprint Series published in 1993. This series is now continued as the CDAM Research Report Series.

If you would like a free copy of any of these reports, please send the number of the report you require, together with your name and postal address to:
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LSE-MPS-43 Economic Forecasting with Neural Nets: a Computational Learning Theory View
Norman L. Biggs
LSE-MPS-44 Computational Learning Theory for Artificial Neural Networks
Martin Anthony and Norman Biggs
LSE-MPS-45 Potential Theory on Distance-Regular Graphs
Norman L. Biggs
LSE-MPS-46 The number of labelled posets of width two
Sarah Goodall
LSE-MPS-47 Generalising from Approximate Interpolation
Martin Anthony and John Shawe-Taylor
LSE-MPS-48 The Width of Random Graph Orders
Belá Bollobás and Graham Brightwell
LSE-MPS-49 Discrete Mathematics in Finance: Two Applications
Norman L. Biggs
LSE-MPS-50 Energy Demand Forecasting Using Neural Nets
Sabine P. Dydyna
LSE-MPS-51 Minors and the Chromatic Index of r-Graphs
K. Kilakos and B. Shepherd
LSE-MPS-52 Typical Transitivity for Lifts of Rotationless Annulus or Torus Homeomorphisms
Steve Alpern and V.S. Prasad
LSE-MPS-53 The Rendezvous Search Problem
Steve Alpern
LSE-MPS-54 On the Complexity of Diagram Testing
Graham Brightwell
LSE-MPS-55 On the Vapnik-Chervonenkis Dimension of a Graph
Martin Anthony, Graham  rightwell, and Colin Cooper
LSE-MPS-56 The Dimension of Random Graph Orders
Belá Bollobás and Graham Brightwell
LSE-MPS-57 The Icosian Calculus of Today
Norman L. Biggs
LSE-MPS-58 Rendezvous Search on the Line With Distinguishable Players
Steve Alpern and Shmuel Gal
LSE-MPS-59 Random Graph Orders do not Satisfy a 0-1 Law
Graham Brightwell
LSE-MPS-60 Note on a Conjecture of Toft
T.R. Jensen and F.B. Shepherd
LSE-MPS-61 The Rendezvous Problem: A survey on a pure coordination game of imperfect information
Skander Essegaier
LSE-MPS-62 The Dimension of Suborders of the Boolean Lattice
G.R. Brightwell, H.A. Kierstead, A.V. Kostochka, and W.T. Trotter
LSE-MPS-63 Rendezvous Search on a Line with Indistinguishable Players
Edward J. Anderson and Skander Essegaier
LSE-MPS-64 Exchange Rate Networks and Mechanisms
Norman L. Biggs

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