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 Mathematics Preprint Series 1992

Below is a list of reports in the Mathematics Preprint Series published in 1992. This series is now continued as the CDAM Research Report Series.

If you would like a free copy of any of these reports, please send the number of the report you require, together with your name and postal address to:
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LSE-MPS-26 Specification by Examples
Martin Anthony, Graham Brightwell, Dave Cohen, and John Shawe-Taylor
LSE-MPS-27 A Framework for Cumulative Learning
Norman Biggs
LSE-MPS-28 Algorithms for Learning and Coloring
Norman Biggs
LSE-MPS-29 On the Running Time of the Perceptron Algorithm as a Consistent-Hypothesis-Finder
Martin Anthony and John Shawe-Taylor
LSE-MPS-30 On the Sample Complexity of Distribution-Dependent Learning
Martin Anthony and John Shawe-Taylor
LSE-MPS-31 An Infinite Group of Permutations, and its Graphical Representation
George Russell
LSE-MPS-32 On Specifying Boolean Functions by Labelled Examples
Martin Anthony, Graham Brightwell, and John Shawe-Taylor
LSE-MPS-33 Random k-dimensional Orders: Width and Number of Linear Extensions
Graham Brightwell
LSE-MPS-34 Linear extensions of a random partial order
Noga Alon, Belá Bollobás, Graham Brightwell, and Svante Janson
LSE-MPS-35 Random High Dimensional Orders
Belá Bollobás and Graham Brightwell
LSE-MPS-36 On the Number of Boolean Functions of a Given Threshold Order
Martin Anthony
LSE-MPS-37 The Order Dimension of Planar Maps
Graham R. Brightwell and William T. Trotter
LSE-MPS-38 Ramsey Properties of Orientations of Graphs
G.R. Brightwell and Y. Kohayakawa
LSE-MPS-39 Classification by Polynomial Surfaces
Martin Anthony
LSE-MPS-40 Models of Random Partial Orders
Graham Brightwell
LSE-MPS-41 Incidence Posets of Trees in Posets of large Dimension
Graham R. Brightwell and William T. Trotter
LSE-MPS-42 Quantifying Generalization in Linearly Weighted Neural Networks
Martin Anthony and Sean B. Holden

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