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 Mathematics Preprint Series 1994

Below is a list of reports in the Mathematics Preprint Series published in 1994. This series is now continued as the CDAM Research Report Series.

If you would like a free copy of any of these reports, please send the number of the report you require, together with your name and postal address to:
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LSE-MPS-65 Problems in Combinatorics: Paths in Graphs, Partial Orders of Fixed Width
Sarah Goodall
LSE-MPS-66 Strong Orientations Without Even Directed Circuits
A.M.H. Gerards and F.B. Shepherd
LSE-MPS-67 Probabilistic Analysis of Learning in Artificial Neural Networks: The PAC Model and its Variants
Martin Anthony
LSE-MPS-68 Valid Generalisation from Approximate Interpolation
Martin Anthony, Peter Bartlett, Yuval Ishai, and John Shawe-Taylor
LSE-MPS-69 PAC Learning and Artificial Neural Networks
Martin Anthony and Norman Biggs
LSE-MPS-70 Graphs and Partial Orders
Graham Brightwell
LSE-MPS-71 Spectral Measures and Walk-Generating Functions for Certain Classes of Groups
George Russell
LSE-MPS-72 The Average Number of Linear Extensions of a Partial Order
Graham Brightwell, Hans Jürgen Prömel, and Angelika Steger
LSE-MPS-73 Function Learning from Interpolation
Martin Anthony and Peter Bartlett
LSE-MPS-74 How to compute the spectral density of a lattice and its quotients
Norman Biggs
LSE-MPS-75 The Structure of Random Graph Orders
Belá Bollobás and Graham Brightwell
LSE-MPS-76 Optimal Disbursement of a Sunk Resource Via Decentralized Cost Allocation
M.B. Gietzmann and A.J. Ostaszewski
LSE-MPS-77 Graphs and Artificial Neural Networks
Martin Anthony

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