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 CDAM Research Report, LSE-CDAM-98-05

March 1998

Radio Channel Assignment on 2-Dimensional Lattices

J. van den Heuvel


Given a set  V  of points in the plane, a sequence  d0,d1, . . . ,dk  of non-negative numbers and an integert  n,  we are interested in the problem to assign integers from  {0, . . . ,n-1}  to the points in  V  such that if  xy in V  are two points with euclidean distance less than  di,  then the difference between the labels of  x  and  y  is not equal to  i.  This question is inspired by problems occurring in the design of radio networks, where radio channels need to be assigned to transmitters in such a way that interference is minimised. In this paper we consider the case that the set of points are the points of a 2-dimensional lattice. Recent results by McDiarmid and Reed show that if only one constraint  d0  is given, good labellings can be obtained by using so-called strict tilings. We extend these results to the case that higher level constraints  d0,d1, . . . ,dk  occur. In particular we study conditions that guarantee that a strict tiling, satisfying only the one constraint  d0,  can be transformed to a strict tiling satisfying the higher order constraints as well. Special attention is devoted to the case that the points are the points of a triangular lattice.

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