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 CDAM Research Report, LSE-CDAM-2001-09

October 2001

Game Theory

Theodore L. Turocy and Bernhard von Stengel


This is an introductory survey of game theory. It is a draft of an article for the Encyclopia of Information Systems by Academic Press, 2002, pages 403-420.

The exposition uses classical examples from game theory, often cast as interactive decision problems in the domain of information technology. The main concepts of non-cooperative game theory with rational decision makers are introduced. These include dominance, Nash equilibrium, mixed strategies, extensive games with perfect and imperfect information. The text concludes with two less detailed sections on zero-sum games and computation, and bidding in auctions.

Technical citations are given in the text when they provide additional information, and a few textbooks are listed for further reading, but citations are not meant to provide appropriate scholarly credit.

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