List C

Recent and forthcoming publications

This list contains combinatorial books and papers that have been published, accepted or submitted for publication since the last issue of the Bulletin. This should not be taken as a complete record of all such publications for the period, and absence of listed publications for any individual should not be taken to imply absence of research activity.

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Alabdullatif, M. and Walker K.
Maximum graphs not spannable by r disjoint paths, Discrete Mathematics, to appear
Allen, S.M., Hurley, S. Smith, D.H. and Thiel, S.U.

Using lower bounds in minimum span frequency assignment, Proceeding of 2nd International Conference on Metaheuristics, (MIC 97), to appear
Allen, S.M., Hurley, S. Smith, D.H. and Watkins, W.J.

Solving Frequency Assignment Problems, Proceedings of 14th International Wroclaw Symposium of Electromagnetic Compability, (1998), pp.703-704
Allen, S.M., Hurley, S. and Smith, D.H.

Lower bounding techniques for frequency assignment, Discrete Mathematics, to appear
Anderson, I.

On the construction of balanced Room Squares, Discrete Maths, to appear
Balancing carry-over effects in tournaments, Combinatorial Designs and their Applications, (Holroyd, F.C., Quinn, K.A.S., Rowley, C.A. and Webb, B.S. eds.), CRC Press Research Notes, to appear
Anderson, I., Finizio, N.J.

On the construction of triplewhist tournaments, to appear
Anderson, I., Finizio, N.J., Leonard, P.A.

New product theorems for whist tournaments, J. Combinational Theory, A., to appear
Anderson, I., Griggs, T.S.

Anstice and Kirkman: mathematical clerics, Mathematical Intelligencer, to appear
Anthony, M.

Probabilistic 'generalisation' of functions and dimension-based uniform convergence results, Statistics and Computing, submitted

Anthony, M. and Bartlett, P.

Neural Network Learning: Theoretical Foundations, Cambridge University Press, 1999, to be published

Anthony, M., Bartlett, Shawe-Taylor and Williamson, R.C.

Structural Risk minimisation over data-dependent hierachies, IEEE Transactions on Information Theory
Accuracy of techniques for the logical analysis of data, Discrete Applied Mathematics, to appear
Anthony, M. and Holden, S.B.

Cross-validation for binary classification by real-valued functions, in Proceedings of the 1998 Annual Workshop on Computational Learning Theory, Madison, Wisconsin, (1998), ACM Press
Araujo, I. and Ruskuc, N.

On finite presentability of direct products of semigroups, submitted
Arrowsmith, D.K. and Essam, J.W.

Chromatic Polynomials and mod-q flows on directed graphs and their applications, submitted
Atkinson, M.D.

Permutations which are the union of an increasing and decreasing sequence, Electronic J. Combinatorics, No. 5 (1998), Paper R6, p.13
Restricted Permutations, Discrete Mathematics, to appear
Ayik, H. Campbell, C.M., O'Connor, J.J. and Ruskuc, N.

On the efficiency of finite simple semigroups, submitted
The semigroup efficiency of groups, submitted
Azais, J.-M., Monod, H. and Bailey, R.A.

The influence of designs on validity and efficiancy of neighbour methods, Biometrics, in press


Babai, L. and Cameron P.J.
Automorphisms and enumeration of switching classes of tournaments, in preparation
Bailey, R.A.

Statistics and Mathematics: the appropriate use of Mathematics within statistics, The Statistician, No 47, (1998), pp. 261-271
Resolved designs viewed as sets of partitions, in Combinatorial Design and their Applications, (Holroyd, F.C., Quinn, K.A.S., Rowley, C.A., Webb, B.S. (eds.)), Chapman & Hall/ CRC Press, Research notes in Mathematics, CRC Press LLC, Boca Raton
Four families of efficient resolvable designs in three replicates, in preparation
Bailey, R.A. and Monod, H.

Efficient semi-latin rectangles: designs for plant disease experiments, in preparation
Bang-Jensen, J. and Gutin, G.

Generalisations of tournaments: A survey, J. Graph Theory, No. 28, (1998), pp. 171-202
Alternating cycles and trails in 2-edge-coloured multigraphs, Discrete Maths., No.188, (1998) pp.61-72
Bang-Jensen, J., Gutin, G. and Yeo, A.

A polynomial algorithm for the Hamiltonian cycle problem in semicomplete multipartite digraphs, J. Graph Theory, No. 29, (1998), pp. 111-132
Properly coloured Hamiltonian paths in edge-coloured complete graphs, Discrete Applied Mathematics, No. 83, (1998), pp. 267-270
Bang-Jensen, J. and Jackson, B.

Augmenting hypergraphs by edges of size two, Mathematical Programming. To appear
Bedford, D.

Quasi-orthogonal Latin squares and related designs , Journal of Combinatorial Mathematics and Combinatorial Computing, No. 26, (1998),pp. 213-224
Bedford, D. and Johnson, M.

Weak uniquely completable sets for finite groups, submitted
Bedford, D. and Whitaker, R.

Enumeration of transversals in the Cayley tables of the non-cyclic groups of order 8, Discrete Mathematics, to appear
New and old values for maximal MOLS(n), Ars Combinatoria, to appear
Large sets of mutually quasi-orthogonal Latin squares, submitted
Bell, S., Jones, P. and Siemons I. J.

On modular homology in the Boolean algebra II, Journal of Algebra, No. 199, (19980, pp. 556-580
Bender E.A., Cameron, P.J., Odlyzko, A.M. and Richmond B.L.

Connectedness, classes, and cycle index, Combinatorics, Probability and Computing, in press
Bending, T.D. and Fon-Der-Flaass, D.

Crooked Functions, Bent Functions, and Distance Regular Graphs, Electronic Journal of Combinatorics, No. 5(1), R34 (1998) 14pp.
Bennet, G. K., Grannell, M.J. and Griggs, T.S.

Bi- embeddings of the projective space PG(3,2), Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference, to appear
Bi-embeddings of Steiner triple system of order 15, submitted
Bhattacharjee, M., Macpherson, H.D. Moller, R.G., Neumann, P.M.

Notes on infinite permutation groups, Hindustan Book Agency, (New Delhi: 1997), (to appear in Springer Lecture Notes, in Mathematics No. 1698)
Biggs, N.L.

Constructions for cubic graphs with large girth, Electronic Journal of Combinatorics, No. 5, (1998), A1.
Review of 'Spectral Graph theory' and 'Eigenspaces of Graphs', Bull. London Math. Soc., No. 30, (1998), pp. 197-199
Biggs, N.L. andFon-der-Flaass, D.G.

Optimising the signal to noise ratio, CDAM Research Report series, LSE-CDAM-98-16, (1998)
Biggs, N.L., Lloyd E.K. and Wilson R.J.

Graph theory 1736-1936, Clarendon Press, reprinted with corrections, 1998
Billington, E.J. and Cavenagh, N.J.

Decompositions of complete n-partite graphs into cycles, Graphs and Combinatorics, to appear
Bondy, J. A. and Jackson, B.

Uniquely Hamiltonian graphs, J. Combinatorial Theory, No. 74, (1998), pp. 265-275
Bonnington, P., Grannell, M.J., Griggs, T.S.

Exponential families of non-isomorphic triangulations of complete graphs, submitted
Borodin, O.V., Kostochka, A.V. and Woodall, D.R.

List edge and list total colourings of multigraphs, Journal of Combinatory Theory Ser. B., No. 71, (1997) pp.184-204
Total colourings of planar graphs with large girth, European J. Combinatorics, No. 19 (1998) pp. 19-24
Acyclic colourings of planar graphs with large girth, Journal of London Mathematical Society, to appear
On Kernel perfect orientations of line graphs, Discrete Mathematics, to appear
Borodin, O.V. and Woodall, D.R.

Cyclic degrees of 3-polytopes, Graphs and Combinatorics, to appear
Short cycles of low weight in normal plane maps with minimum degree 5, Discus. Math. Graph Theory, to appear
Cyclic colourings in 3-polytopes with large maximum face size, submitted
Weights of faces in plane maps, submitted (in Russian)
Bouchet, A. and Jackson, B.

Parity Systems and the delta matroid intersection problem, submitted
Breuer, T. and Linton S.A.

The GAP4-type system: organising algebraic algorithms, Proc. ISSAC 1998, (Gloor, R., ed., ACM 1998) pp. 38-45
Brien, C.J. and Payne, R.W.

Tiers, structure formulae and the analysis of complicated experiments, Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Series D, in press
Brightwell, G., Balinska, K. and Quintas, L.

Graphs whose vertices are graphs with bounded degree: distance problems, Journal of Mathematical Chemistry, (1998), pp. 109-121
Brightwell, G. and Bollobás, B.

Convex bodies, graphs and partial orders, Proceedings of the LMS, to appear
Brightwell, G., Grable, D. and Promel, H.-J.

Forbiddden induced partial orders, Discrete Mathematics, Special issue on Partially Ordered Sets, Trotter, W.T. (ed.), to appear
Balanced pairs in partial orders, Discrete Mathematics, Special issue on Partially Ordered Sets, Trotter, W.T. (ed.), to appear
Brightwell, G., Häggström, O. and Winkler, P.

Non-monotonic behaviour in hard-core and Widom-Rowlinson models, Journal of Statistical Physics, to appear
Brightwell, G. and Winkler, P.

Graph homomorphisms and phase transitions, J. Combinatorial Theory (B), to appear
Brightwell, G., Oriolo, G. and Shepherd, F.B.

Some strategies for reserving resilient capacity, CDAM Research Report Series, LSE-CDAM-98-04
Bruckner P., Gladky, A., Hoogeveen, J.A, Kovalyov, M.Y., Potts, C.N., Tautenhahn, T. and Velde, S.L.v.d.

Scheduling a batching machine, Journal of Scheduling, No. 1, (1998), pp. 31-54
Bubley, R. and Dyer, M.

Path coupling: a technique for proving rapid mixing in Markov chains, in 38th Annual Symposium on Foundations of Computer Science, IEEE, Miami Beach, Florida, (1997), pp. 223-231
Graph orientations with no sink and an approximation for a hard case of SAT, in 8th Annual Symposium on Discrete Algorithms, ACM-SIAM, New Orleans, Loisiana, (1996), pp.248-257
Faster random generation of linear extensions, in 9th Annual Symposium on Discrete Algoritms, ACM-SIAM, San Francisco, California, (1998), pp.350-354
Bubley, R., Dyer, M. and Greenhill, C.

Beating the 2Δ bound for approximately counting colourings: a computer assisted proof of rapid mixing, in 9th Annual Symposium on Discrete Algorithms, ACM-SIAM, San Francisco, California, (1998), pp.355-363
Bubley, R., Dyer, M. and Jerrum, M.

An elementary analysis of a procedure for sampling points in a convex body, Random Structures and Algorithms, No. 12 (1998), pp.213-235


Cairnie and Edwards, K.J.
Some result on the achromatic number, Journal of Graph Theory, No. 26, (1997), pp. 129-136
The achromatic number, Discrete Mathematics, No. 188, (1998), pp. 87-97
Calkin, N.J. and Cameron, P.J.

Almost odd random sum-free sets, Combinatorics, Probability and Computing, No. 7, (1998), pp. 27-32
Cameron, P.J.

Introduction to Algebra, Oxford University Press, Oxford: 1998, 295pp.)
Sets, Logic and Categories, SUMS, Springer Verlag, London, to appear in February 1999
Permutation Groups, LMS Student Texts, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, to appear
On an algebra related to orbit-counting, Journal of Group Theory, No.1, (1998), pp. 173-179
A census of infinite distance transitive graphs, Discrete Mathematics, No. 192, (1998), pp.11-26
SGDs with 2-transitive automorphism group, in preparation
Some counting problems related to permutation groups, in preparation
Some bridges between codes and designs, in preparation
Cameron, P.J. and Erdös, P.

Notes on sum-free and related sets, Combinatorics, Probability and Computing, in press
Cameron, P.J. and Hodges, W.A.

Some combinatorics of imperfect information, in preparation
Cameron, P.J. and Szabo, C.

Independence algebras, in preparation
Campbell, C.M., Robertson, E.F. , Ruskuc, N. and Thoman, R.M.

Direct products of automatics semigroups, submitted
Campbell, C.M., Havas, George, Linton S.A. and Robertson, E.F.

Symetric presentations and orthogonal groups, in The Atlas of finite groups: Ten years on (Curtis, Robert and Wilson, Robert (eds.)) London Mathematical Society lecture Note series No. 249. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1998) pp. 1-10
Chapman, R.J.

Moments of Dyck Paths, Discrete Mathematics, to appear
Cavenagh, N.J.

Decompositions of complete tripartite graphs into k-cycles, Australasian Journal of Combinatorics, No.18, (1998), pp. 193-200
Chen, B., Potts, C.N. and Woeginger, G.J

A review of machine scheduling: Complexity, algorithms, and approximability, in Handbook of Combinatorial Optimisation (Du, D.Z. and Pardalos, P.(eds.)) (1998), Kluwer Academic Publ., to appear
Chen, B., Potts, C.N. and Strusevich, V.A.

Approximation for two machine flow shop scheduling with batch setup times, Mathematical Programming, No. 82, (1998), pp. 255-271
Chen, B., Vestjens, A.P. and Woeginger, G.J

On-line scheduling of two machine open shops where jobs arrive over time, Journal of Combinatorial Optimalisation, No. 1(1997), pp. 355-365
Chen, B. and Vestjens, A.P.

Scheduling on identical machines: How good is LPT in an on-line setting?, Operation Research Letters, No. 21 (1997) pp. 165-169
Chetwynd, A., Diggle, P., Drewett, R. and Young B.

A mixture model for sucking patterns of breast-fed infants, Statistics in Medicine, No. 17, pp. 395-405
Chetwynd and A., Diggle, P.

On estimating the reduced second moment measure of a stationary spatial point process, Australian Journal of Statistics, No. 40, pp. 11-15
Chetwynd, A., Diggle, P., Marshall, A. and Parslow, R.

Investigation of spatial clustering from matched and stratified case-control studies, submitted
Christie, D.A., Irving, R.W.

Sorting strings of global transformation, submitted
Christofi, C.

On the number of 6 x 7 double Youden rectangles, Ars Combinatoria, No. 47, (1997), pp. 223-241
Cohen, S.D.

Polynomial factorisation and an application to regular directed graphs, Finite Fields and their Applications, No. 4 (1998), pp. 316-346
Some function field estimates with applications, in Number theory and applications, Proc. Bilkent Summer School 1996), Marcel Dekker, 1998
Cohen, S.D. and Hachenberger

The dynamics of linearised polynomials, Proc. Edinburgh Math Society, to appear
Colbourn, C.J., Grannell, C.J., Griggs, T.S. and Siran J.

Construction techniques for anti-Pasch steiner triple systems, submitted
Conway, J.H. Hulpke, J.A. and McKay, J.

On transitive permutation groups, London Mathematical Society Journal of Computing and Mathematics, No.1 (1998), pp.1-8
Cooper, S., Hirschhorn, M. and Lewis, R.P.

Powers of Euler's product and related identities, submitted
Cossidente, A., Hirschfeld, J.W.P., Korchmaros, G. and Torres, F.

On plane maximal curves, Compositional Mathematics, to apppear
Crane, C., Duffy, J. Knight, B. and Rooney, J.

An investigation of some special motions of an octahedron manipulator using screw theory, Florida Conference on recent advances in Robotics, Melbourne, Florida, U.S.A., March 26-27, 1998
Crauwels, H.A.J., Potts, C.N. and Van Wassenhove, L.N.

Local search heuristics for the single machine total weighted tardiness scheduling problem, INFORMS Journal of Computing, No. 10 (1998), pp. 341-350
Cropper, M.M., Hilton A.J.W, Goldwasser, J.L., Hoffmann, D.G. and Johnson, P.D.

Extending the disjoint representation theorems of Hall Halmos and Vaughan to lost multicolourings of graphs, submitted
Cryan, M., Goldberg, L.A. and Goldberg, P.W.

Evolutionary trees can be learned in Polynomial Time in the two state General Markov Model, Proceedings of Symposium on Foundations of Computer Science, 1998
Curtis, R.T.

The exceptional automorphism and covers of the symmetric groups, (preprint)
Cuypers, H., Sterk, H. and Soicher, L.H.

Working with finite groups, in Some Tapas of computer algebra, (Cohen. AM., Cuypers, N.J., Sterk H. (eds.)), Springer, (Berlin / New York: 1998)
Project: the small Mathieu groups, in Some Tapas of computer algebra, (Cohen. AM., Cuypers, N.J., Sterk H. (eds.)), Springer, (Berlin / New York: 1998)
Cvetkovic, D., Lepovic, M., Rowlinson, P., Simic, S.K.

A database of star complements of graphs, submitted


Danziger, P., Grannell, M.J., Griggs, T.S. and Rosa, A.
On the 2-parallel chromatic index of Steiner triple systems, submitted
Davis, J.A. and Jedwab, J.

A new family of relative difference sets in 2-groups, Designs, Codes and Cryptography, to appear
Peak-to-mean power control in OFDM, Golay complementary sequences and Reed-Muller codes, IEEE Transactions on Information Technology, to appear
Some recent developments in difference sets, Combinatorial Designs and their applications, (Holroyd, F.C., Quinn, K.A.S., Rowley, C.A. and Webb, B.S. eds.), Chapman & Hall/CRC Press research notes in Mathematics, CRC Press LLC, Boca Raton, to appear
A unified approach to difference sets with gcd(v,n)>1, submitted
Davis, J.A. and Jedwab, J. and Mowbray, M.

New families of semi-regular relative difference sets, Designs, Codes and Cryptography, No 13, (1998), pp. 131-146
Davis, J.A. and Jedwab, J. and Paterson, K.G.

Codes, correlations and power control in OFDM, submitted
Dent S. and Siemons, I.J.

On a conjecture of Foulkes, submitted
Du, D., Han J. and Chen B.

An improved heuristic for one-machine scheduling with delays constraints, Science in China, No. 40, (1997), pp. 680-686
Dugdale, J.K. and A.J.W. Hilton

A sufficient condition for a graph to be the core of a class 2 graph, Combinatorics, Probability and Computing, to appear

Duff, J., Lee, J. and Rooney J.

Tensigrity and compegrity configurations in anti-prism manipulator platforms, 10th World Congress on the Theory of Machines and Mechanisms (IFToMM), Oulo, Finland, June 20-24, 1999, submitted
Dunbar, J.E., Monroe, T.R. and Whitehead, C.A.

Sensitivity of the upper irredundance number to edge addition, submitted
Dyer, M., Frieze, A. and Jerrum, M.

On counting independent sets in sparse graphs, (1998), preprint
Approximately counting Hamilton paths and cycles in dense graphs, SIAM Journal of Computing, No. 27, (1998), pp. 1262-1272
Dyer, M. and Greenhill, C.

A genuinely polynomial-time algorithm for sampling two-rowed contingency tables, in 25th International colloqium on automata, languages and programming, EATCS. Aalborg, Denmark, (1998), pp. 339-350
A more rapidly mixing Markov chain for graph colourings, Random Structures and Algorithms, (1998), to appear
Some #P-completeness proofs for colourings and independent sets, Tech. Reports No. 47, School of computer studies, University of Leeds (1997)
On Markov chains for independent sets, (1997), preprint


Ebert, G.L. and Hirschfeld, J.W.P.
Complete systems of lines on a Hermitian surface over a finite field, submitted
Edwards, H., Hierons, R.M. and Jackson, B.

The Zero-free Intervals for Characteristic Polynomials of Matroids, Combinatorics, Probability and Computing, No. 72, (1998), pp. 153-165
Edwards, K.J.

A new upper bound for harmonious chromatic number, Journal of Graph Theory, No, 29, (1998) pp. 257-261
The harmonious chromatic number of complete r-ary trees, Discrete Mathematics, to appear
Escott, A.E. and Jenkins, S.

Binary Huffmann equivalent codes with a short synchronising codeword, IEEE Trans. Information Theory, No 44 (1), (1998), pp. 346-351
Eslakchi, Ch. and Hilton, A.J.W.

The Hall-condition index of a graph and the overfull conjecture, submitted


Faudree, R. and Sheehan, J.
The maximum number of edges in a graph with fixed edge-degree, Discrete Mathematics, No 183, (1998) pp. 81-101
Fitzpatrick, P. and Jennings, S.M.

Comparison of two algorithms for decoding alternant codes, to appear in AAECC
Fleischmann, P.

Finite fields, root systems, and orbit numbers of Chevalley groups, Finite Fields and their Applications, No. 3, (1997), pp. 99-47
Polynomial identities for orbit numbers of general linear unitary groups over finite fields, Linear Algebra and its Applications, No. 253, (1997), pp. 341-362
Squarefree Polynomials over finite fields and regular semisimple classes of certain classical groups, Finite Fields and their Applications, No. 4, (1997), pp. 113-139
Flury, B.D., Gloria, M.N. and Irving R.W.

Magic Dice, American Math Monthly, to appear
Fon-der-Flaass, Dima

On exponential trees, European Journal of Combinatorics, No.19, Vol.1, (1998), pp.25-27
Fon-der-Flaass, D.G. and Belegradek, B.

New approach to pricing: earn while you earn, submitted to Information Processing Letters
More Distance Regular Graphs and Association Schemes from Crooked Functions, submitted to Journal of Algebraic Combinatorics
Fon-der-Flaass, D.G. and Bending, T.

Crooked Functions, Bent Functions, and Distance Regular Graphs, Electronic Journal of Combinatorics, No.5, R34, (1998).
Real-valued frequency assignment, CDAM Research Report Series, LSE-CDAM-98-12, (1998)
Fon-der-Flaass, D.G. and Biggs, N.

Optimising the signal-to-noise ration, CDAM Research Report Series, LSE-CDAM-98-16, (1998)
Fon-der-Flaass, D.G., Kostochka, A.V. and Woodall, D.R.

Transversals in uniform hypergraphs with property (7,2), submitted.
Real-valued frequency assignment, CDAM Research Report series, LSE-CDAM-98-12, (1998)


Gerace, I., Irving R.W.
The travelling salesman problem in circulant graphs, submitted
Gibbons, A., Muthukrishnan, S. and Pu, I.

Exact expected case analysis of a simple heuristic for compressed Array storage, Proceedings of the of the Ninth Australasian Workshop on Combinatorial Algorithms (AWOCA '98), (Perth:07/1998), ISBN-18634-26582
Gibbons, A. and Pu, I.

A Las Vegas RNC Algorithm for the uniform Generation of unlabelled Graphs, Proceedings of the of the Ninth Australasian Workshop on Combinatorial Algorithms (AWOCA '98), (Perth:07/1998), ISBN-18634-26582
Gilbey, J.D., and Kalikow, L.H.

Parking functions, valet functions and priority queues, Discrete Mathematics, in press
Giudici, M.R. and Praeger, C.E.

Completely transitive codes in Hamming graphs, in preparation
Goddyn, L.A. and Jackson, B.

Removable circuits in binary matroids, to appear
Goldberg , L.A. and Jerrum, M.

The "Burnside process" converges slowly , Proceedings of Random 1998, in Randomisation and Approximation Techniques in Computer Science (M. Luby et al., eds.), Springer-Verlag Lecture Notes in Computer Science, No. 1518, pp. 331-345
Randomly sampling Molecules, to appear in SIAM Journal on Computing

Goldberg , L.A., Jerrum, M. and Mac Kenzie, P.D.

An Ω(√(log log n)) lower bound for routing in optical networks, SIAM Journal on Computing, No. 27, (1998), pp. 1083-1098
Gordon, N.A., Jarvis, T.M. and Shaw, R.

The classes of GL (n,2), n<=6, submitted
Sp(2m,2) inside GL(2m,2), Hull Math. Research Reports XI, (1998), No. 15
Gordon, N.A., Lunardon, G. and Shaw, R.

Linear sections of Gl (4,2), Bull. Belg. Math. Soc., No. 5, (1998), pp. 287-311
Grannell, M.J. and Griggs, T.S.

Configurations in Steiner triple systems, in Combinatorial Design and their Applications, Chapman & Hall/CRC Press Research Notes in Mathematics, to appear
Grannell, M.J., Griggs, T.S. and Mathon, R.

Steiner systems S(5,6,v) with v=72 and 84, Mathematics of Computation 67, (1998), No. 221, pp. 357-359, s51-59
Grannell, M.J., Griggs, T.S. and Murphy, J.P.

Perfect Steiner triple systems, Journal of Combinatorial Design, to appear
Switching cycles in Steiner triple systems, Utilitas Mathematica, to appear
Grannell, M.J., Griggs, T.S. and Quinn, K.A.S.

All possible 3.(v,4, λ)directed design exists, Journal of Combinatorial Mathematics and Combinatorial Computing, to appear
Mendelsohn directed triple systems, submitted
Grannell, M.J. and Griggs, T.S. and Siran, J.

Surface embeddings of Steiner triple systems, Journal of Combinatorial Design, No. 6, (1998), pp. 325-336.

Face 2-colourable triangular embeddings of complete graphs, Journal of Combinatorial Theory, (B), No. 74, (1998), pp.8-19
Grannell, M.J., Griggs, T.S. and Wallace, J.

The smallest defining set of Steiner triple system, Utilitas Mathematica, to appear
Grannell, M.J. and Rosa A.

Cycles in 2-factorisations, Journal of Combinatorial Mathematics and Combinatorial Computing, to appear
Griggs, T.S.

(see Anderson, I, Bennet, G.K., Bonnington, P., Colbourn, C.J., Danziger, P., and Grannel, M.J.)
Gutin, G.

A note on cardinality of certain classes of unlabeled multipartite tournaments, Discrete Mathematics, No. 186, (1998), pp. 277-280
Exponential neighbourhood local search for the travelling salesman problem, To appear in Special Issue of Computers and OR, (1999), on the TSP
Connected (g,f)-factors and supereulerian disgraphs, To appear in Ars Combinatoria
Gutin, G., Kostochka, A., and Toft, B.

On the Hajós number of Graphs, to appear in Discrete Maths.

Gutin, G., Sudakov, B. and Yeo A.

Note on altering directed cycles, Discrete Maths., No. 191, (1998), pp. 101-107
Gutin, G. and Yeo A.

Small diameter neighbourhood graphs for the travelling salesman problem; at most four moves from tour to tour, to appear in Special Issue of Computers and OR, (1999), on the TSP
Note on the path covering number of a semicomplete multipartite digraph, to appear in J. Combinatory Mathematics and Combinatorial Computing

Gutin, G. and Zverovich V.

Upper Domination and Upper Irredundance Perfect Graphs, Discrete Maths., No. 190, (1998), pp. 95-105


Hall, N.G. Posner, M.E. and Potts, C.N.
Scheduling with finite capacity output buffers, Operational Research, No. 46, (1998), pp.84-97
Scheduling with finite capacity input buffers, Operational Research, No. 46, (1998), pp.154-159

Hammond, P.R., Lewis, R.P. and Liu Z.-G.

Hirschhorn's identities, submitted

Hartnell, B.L. and Whitehead C.A.

On k-packings of Graphs, Ars Combinatoria, No. 47, (1997), pp. 97-108
Hartnell, B.L., Jorgenson, L.K., Vestergaard, P.D. and Whitehead, C.A.

Edge Stability of the k-domination number of trees, Bulletin of the ICA, No. 22, (1998), pp. 31-40

Hartnell, B.L. Rall, D.F. and Whitehead C.A.

The watchman's walk problem: an introduction, to appear

Hierons, R.M.

Testing from semi-independent communicating finite state machines with a slow environment, IEE Proccedings on Software Engineering, No. 144, (1997), pp. 291-295
Minimising the costs of Fault Location when testing from a finite state machine, Computer Communications, to appear
Adaptive testing of a deterministic Implementation against a nondeterministic finite state machine, The Computer Journal, No. 41, (1998), p.5

Higgins, P.M., Howie, J. M, and Ruskuc, N.

On relative ranks of full transformation semigroups, Comm. Algebra, No. 26 (1998), pp. 733-748
Generators and Factorisation of transformation Semigroups, Proc. Royal Society Edinburgh, to appear

Hill, R.

Giuseppe Tallini - a survey of some of his papers and personal memories, Results in Mathematics, No.32, (1997) pp. 254-259.
The pigeonhole principle, letter to OR Newsletter, March 1998, p.17
An extension theorem for linear codes, Designs, Codes and cryptography, to appear
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