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Combinatorial staff, research students, lecture courses and seminars at departments in Britain

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An asterisk denotes a contact name from whom further information can be obtained.

Under most entries the combinatorial journals currently being taken are listed; a key to the titles is as follows:
A Aequationes Mathematica N Discrete Mathematics
B Algebra Universalis O Discussiones Mathematicae: Graph Theory
C Ars Combinatoria P European Journal of Combinatorics 
D Australasian Journal of Combinatorics Q Finite Fields and Applications
E Biometrics R Geomatriae Dedicata
F Biometrika S Graphs and Combinatorics
G Bulletin of the Institute of Combinatorics and its Applications T IEEE Transaction of Information Theory
H Combinatorica U Journal of Algebraic Combinatorics
I Combinatorics, Probability and Computing V Journal of Combinatorial Design
J Design, Codes and Cryptography W Journal of Combinatorial Mathematics and Combinatorial Computing
K Discrete and Applied Geometry X Journal of Combinatorial Theory Series A
L Disrete and Computational Geometry Y Journal of Combinatorial Theory Series B
M Discrete Applied Mathematics Z Journal of Cryptology
a Journal of Geometry f Order
b Journal of Graph Theory g Random Structures and Algorithms
c Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference  h SIAM Journal on discrete Mathematics
d Linear Algebra and its Applications i Utilitas Mathematica
e Networks    



University of Aberdeen, Edward Wright Building, Dunbar Street, Aberdeen AB9 2TY.
Tel: 01224 272000    Fax: 01224 487048

Department of Mathematical Sciences
Dr. J. Sheehan* (graph theory, Ramsey theory)
Research fellow
Dr. E.M. Wright
Research student
M.L. Annand (Dr Sheehan) (Ramsey theory)
Lecture courses
Discrete mathematics (24 lectures, 2nd year u/g, Dr. Dagger)
Graph theory (24 lectures, 4th year u/g, Dr. Sheehan)
Current periodicals: J, P, Q, T, W

UNIVERSITY OF WALES, ABERYSTWYTH University of Wales, Aberystwyth SY23 3BZ.
Tel: 01970 622753    Fax: 01970 6227777

Department of Mathematics
Dr. V.C. Mavron* (designs)
Dr. T.P. McDonough (designs and permutation groups)
Prof. A.O. Morris (representation theory and algebraic combinatorics)
Research students
P. Mwamba, M. Alsolbi.
Lecture courses
Graph theory (25 lectures, 3rd year u/g, Dr. McDonough)
Discrete mathematics (25 lectures, 2nd year u/g, Dr. Mavron)
Formal languages, automata and codes (24 lectures, 2nd/3rd year u/g, Dr. McDonough)
Current periodicals: P, U, X, h

UNIVERSITY OF WALES, BANGOR School of Informatics, Division of Mathematics, University of Wales, Dean Street, Bangor, Gwynedd LL57 1UT.
Tel: 01248 382686    Fax: 01248 361429

School of Mathematics
Dr. M.V. Lawson (automata, languages, semigroups)
Dr. N.W. Rymer (graph colourings, stable assignments)
Dr. C.D. Wensley* (combinatorial group theory, combinatorial species)
Lecture courses
Abstract algebra (25 lectures, 2nd year u/g, Dr. Lawson)
Graphical algorithms (20 lectures, 3rd year u/g, Dr. Rymer)
Combinatorial structures (20 lectures, 3rd year u/g, Dr. Rymer)
Current periodicals: none

BIRKBECK COLLEGE Birkbeck College, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HX.

Department of Statistics
Tel: 0171 631 6308    Fax: 0171 436 3514

Dr. A. Bowler* (symmetric designs, combinatorial matrices, permutation groups)
Research students
P. Grant-Ross (quasigroups)
A. Philips (non-associative finite-dimensional algebras)
Lecture courses
Discrete Methods (11 three-hour lectures, 2nd year u/g, Dr. Bowler)

Department of Computer Science
Tel: 071 631 6314    Fax: 071 636 4971

Dr. T.I. Fenner (combinatorial algorithms, probabilistic algorithms, random graphs)
Dr. K. Gibson (cryptography, combinatorial algorithms)
Prof. G. Loizou (combinatorial algorithms)

UNIVERSITY OF BIRMINGHAM University of Birmingham, Edgbaston, Birmingham B15 2TT.
Tel: 0121 414 6581    Fax: 0121 414 3389

School of Mathematics & Statistics
Dr. P. Butkovic* (Combinatorial Optimisation)
Prof. R.T. Curtis (Group Theory, Representation Theory)
Dr. A.D. Gardiner (Graph theory)
Prof. R.A. Wilson (Group Theory, Representation Theory)
Dr. John Bray
Research Students
Sean Bolt
Louise Murfitt
Beth Holmes
Stephen Stanley
Lecture courses
Combinatorial Optimisation (22, 3rd year, Dr. Butkovic)
Coding Theory (22, 3rd year, Prof. R.Wilson)
Discrete Mathematics (22, 2nd year, Dr. Flavell)
Geometry of Groups (22, 4th year, Prof. Curtis)
Current periodicals: F, N, R, c

BRUNEL UNIVERSITY Brunel University, Kingston Lane, Uxbridge, Middlesex UB8 3PH.
Tel: 01895 274000    Fax: 0189 5203303

Department of Mathematical Sciences
Gutin, Dr. Gregory* (graph theory, combinatorial optimisation)
Mitra, Prof. Gautam (combinatorial optimisation)
Noble, Dr. Steven (graph theory, combinatorial optimisation)
Krasikov, Dr. Ilia
Research Students
Alexey Zverovich (Dr.Gutin/Prof. Mitra)
Lecture courses
Graph theory with Applications (2u/g, Dr. G. Gutin)
Pure and applied Algebra (2 u/g, Dr. W. Foster)
Combinatorial Optimisation (3 u/g)
Working paper series
Technical Reports of Department of Maths and Stats (Mrs. P. Kerridge)
Current Periodicals: G, b, h

UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE 16 Mill Lane, Cambridge CB2 1SB.
Tel: 01223 337999    Fax: 01223 337920

Department of Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics
Dr. H.T. Croft (Peterhouse)
Prof. W.T. Gowers* (Trinity)
Dr. J. Saxl (Caius)
Dr. A. Thomason (Clare)
Dr. B. Bollobás (Trinity)
Dr. C.N. Jagger (Clare)
Dr G. Jin (King's)
Dr. O.M. Riordan (Trinity)
Dr. R. Steinberg (Judge Institute)
Research students
A. Zsak (Dr. Gowers)
M. Walters (Dr. Gowers)
O. Pikhurko (Dr. Thomason)
D.C. Richer (Dr. Thomason)
J.B.A. Verstraete (Dr. Thomason)
Lecture courses
Numbers and Sets (24 lectures, Part IA, Dr. Carne)
Coding and Cryptography (12 lectures, Part IIA)
Graph Theory (16 lectures, Part IIA, Dr. Croft)
Combinatorics (16 lectures, Part IIB, Oliver Riordan)
Probabilistic Combinatorics (24 lectures, Part III, Dr. Thomason)
Additive and Combinatorial Number theory (24 lectures, Part III, Dr. Gowers)
Combinatorics (Dr. Jagger) (Thursdays at 2.15 p.m.)
Current periodicals:

COLCHESTER INSTITUTE Sheepen Road, Colchester, Essex CO3 3LL.
Tel: 01206 518676    Fax: 01206 763041

Centre of Computing
R.I. Shreeve* (combinatorial geometry, 3-topes, face-nets)
Lecture courses
Discrete mathematics (30 lectures, 1st year u/g Mr. Shreeve)

UNIVERSITY OF DUNDEE Dundee University, Dundee DD1 4HN.

Department of Applied Computing
Tel: 01382 344145    Fax: 01382 345509

Dr. K.J. Edwards*(Graph colourings, graph decompositions, complexity) (344463)
N. Cairnie (Graph colouring, and graph labelling)

Department of Mathematics
Tel. 01382 344 471    Fax 01382 345516

Sands, Dr. Arthur (Combinatorial problems on finite Abelian groups; retired)
Lecture course
Graph theory (27 lectures, 3rd/4th year u/g)

Current Periodicals: T, b, d


University of East Anglia, Norwich NR4 7TJ.
Tel: 01603 456161    Fax: 01603 259515

School of Mathematics
Dr. A.R. Camina (block designs, finite groups) (ext. 592849),
Dr. M. Dzamonja (logic, set theory, infinite combinatorics) (ext. 592981)
Dr. D.M. Evans (permutation groups, automorphism groups of infinite structures) (ext. 592594)
Dr. I.J. Siemons* (permutation groups, representation theory, topological and homological
methods) (ext. 592578)
Prof. A.E. Zalesskii (group theory, ring theory) (ext. 593710)
Research students
S. Bell (Dr. Siemons), G. Heide (Prof. Zalesskii), R. Konnerth (Dr. Evans),
C.Kurtz (Dr Siemons/Prof Zalesskii), E.McFarlane(Dr Camina), G.Piper (Dr Dzamonja),
O. Rashwan (Dr. Evans), C. Rudloff (Prof Zalesskii), K.Thompson (Dr Dzamonja)
Lecture courses
Discrete Mathematics(2nd year u/g)
Set theory (3rd year u/g in 2000)
Linear algebra and linear groups (3rd year u/g in 2000)
Infinite permutation groups (4th year, p/g, Dr Evans in 2000)
Representation Theory (3rd year u/g, in 2000)
Codes and designs (3rd year u/g in 2001)
Graph theory (3rd year in 2001)
Group theory (3rd year in 2001)
Computability (3rd year in 2001)
Model theory (3rd year in 2001)
Prof. V. B. Mnukhin (Tagenrog, Russia)

UNIVERSITY OF EDINBURGH The King's Buildings, Edinburgh EH9 3JZ
Tel. 0131 6505129    Fax: 0131 6677209

Department of Computer science
Dr. Mark Jerrum* (combinatorial algorithms, computational complexity, random structures)
Lecture Courses
Algorithms and Data Structures (3rd year u/g)
Computability and Intractability (3rd year u/g, MSc)
Computational Complexity (4th year u/g, MSc, 1st year PhD)
Current Periodicals: E, H, M, T, X, Y,


University of Essex, Wivenhoe Park, Colchester CO4 3SQ.
Tel: 01206 873024    Fax: 01206 873598

Department of Mathematics
Dr. P.M. Higgins* (combinatorics of algebraic semigroup theory)
Tel: 01206 873019    Fax: 01206 873043
Dr. A. Salhi (combinatorial optimisation)
Tel: 01206 873022    Fax: 01206 873043
Research students
P. Catarino, A. Vernitskii (both Dr. Higgins).
Lecture courses
One half of the second year algebra course (20 lectures) is combinatorics.
Combinatorial optimisation (40 lectures, 3rd year u/g)
Current periodicals: C, D, K, Y

UNIVERSITY OF EXETER University of Exeter, North Park Road, Exeter EX4 4QE.
Tel: 01392 264 464    Fax: 01392 263997

Department of Mathematics
Dr. R.J. Chapman* (finite fields,coding theory, enumerative combinatorics)
Dr. P.A. Firby (p/t) (distance and heterogeneity in graphs, applications to mathematical biology)
Dr. A.E. Stratton (finite fields, linear recurrent sequences, coding theory and cryptography)
Prof. P. Vámos (representation of matroids)
Lecture courses
Discrete Mathematics (30 lectures, 1st year u/g, Robin Chapman)
Graph theory (33 lectures, 3rd year u/g,Peter Firby))
Coding Theory (3rd year u/g, Dr. Stratton)
Current periodicals: C, D, W

UNIVERSITY OF GLAMORGAN University of Glamorgan, Pontypridd, Mid Glamorgan CF37 1DL.
Tel: 01443 482251    Fax: 01443 482711

Division of Mathematics and Computing
Prof. D.H. Smith* (frequency assignment, network reliability, coding theory)
Dr. S. Perkins (coding theory, synchronization)
Research fellows
Dr. S.M. Allen (frequency assignment)
Dr. R. Whitaker (frequency assignment, Quasi-orthogonal latin squares) - joint Cardiff/Glamorgan fellow
Lecture courses
Coding Theory (4th year MMath, Prof Smith)
Information Theory and Data Compression (4th year MMath, Dr. Perkins)
Error correcting Codes (3rd year u/g, Prof. Smith)
Network flows and reliability (3rd year u/g, Prof. Smith)
Abstract Algebra and Combinatorics (2nd year u/g, Dr. Perkins)
Current periodicals: N, T, X, Y, e

GLASGOW CALEDONIAN UNIVERSITY Glasgow Caledonian University, Cowcaddens Road, Glasgow G4 0BA.
Tel: 0141 331 3609    Fax: 0141 33 3005

Department of Mathematics
Dr. V. Jha* (finite geometries)
S. Waters (cryptography).
Lecture courses
Galois fields and Cryptography (Mr. Waters)
Current periodicals: none

UNIVERSITY OF GLASGOW University of Glasgow, University Gardens, Glasgow G12 8QW.
Tel: 0141 339 8855    Fax: 0141 330 4111

Department of Mathematics
Dr. I. Anderson* (designs, whist tournaments)
Dr. S.D. Cohen (application of finite fields)
Dr. S.G. Hoggar (error correcting codes, combinatorics of iterated function systems and fractals)
Dr. E. Spence (algebraic graph theory, combinatorial designs)
Research Students
J.Ireland (Dr. Hoggar) (M-sequences)
Lecture courses
Combinatorial designs (25 lectures, 4th year u/g, Dr. Spence)
Combinatorial mathematics (12 lectures, 3rd year u/g, Dr. Anderson)
Graphs and networks (22 lectures, 2nd year u/g, Dr. Anderson)
Groups, symmetry and fractals (22 lectures, 2nd year u/g, Dr. Hoggar)
Mathematics of information technology (25 lectures, 4th year u/g, Dr. Hoggar)
Occasional combinatorial seminars

Department of Computing Science
Dr. R.W. Irving (combinatorial algorithms and complexity)
Lecture course
Algorithms (4th year u/g)
Research Assistant
D.F. Manlove (optimisation problems)
Research students
L. Love (Dr Irving) (string algorithms)
Lecture courses
Algorithms (4th year u/g, Dr. Irving)

Current periodicals: C, E, F, M, N, O, P, Q, T, V, X, Y, b, c, h, i

GOLDSMITHS COLLEGE Goldsmiths College, University of London, Lewisham Way, London SE14 6NW.
Tel: 0171 919 7850    Fax: 0171 919 7853

Department of Mathematical and Computing Sciences
Dr. R. M. Hierons (finite state automata, tours of graphs, network optimisation)
Prof. B. Jackson* (cycles and paths, connectivity, Euler tours, matroid theory)
Dr. I. Pu (combinatorial algorithms, randomized, parallel, probabilistic and average case algorithmics)
C. A. Whitehead (independence and domination in graphs)
Research students
B. Cosh (Prof. Jackson) (graph connectivity)
E. Lienart(Prof Jackson) (Graph Colouring)
Lecture courses
Discrete Mathematics (1st year u/g, Prof. B. Jackson)
Graph Theory (3rd year u/g, Prof. B. Jackson)
Data Structures and algorithms (2rd year u/g, Dr. Pu)
Current Periodicals: X, Y, b

Tel: 01242 221491    Fax: 01242 226816
Dr. P.A.K. Covey-Crump (Chief Mathematician)
Dr. R.G.E. Pinch*
UNIVERSITY OF GREENWICH University of Greenwich, London, SE18 6PF
Tel: 0181 316 8000    Fax: 0181 855 4033

School of Maths, Statistics and Computing
Prof. M.G.Everett (Graph Theory)
Dr. V.A. Strusevich (Scheduling Theory)
Research fellow
Mr. P.A. Sinclair
Lecture Course
Graph Theory (3rd yr u/g, Prof. Everett)
Current Periodicals: T

HERIOT-WATT UNIVERSITY Heriot-Watt University, Riccarton, Edinburgh EH14 4AS.
Tel: 0131451 3221    Fax: 0131 451 3249

Department of Mathematics
Dr. A.R. Prince* (finite geometries, finite group theory)
Lecture course
Discrete mathematics (45 lectures, 3rd year honours degree, Dr. Prince)
Current periodicals: E, F, I, c, g, h

HEWLETT-PACKARD LABORATORIES Hewlett-Packard Laboratories, Filton Road, Stoke Gifford, Bristol BS34 8QZ.
Tel: 0117 979 9910   Fax: 0117 312 9870

Dr. S. Crouch (crytography, coding theory, finite algebraic geometry)
Dr. S.A. Hudleston (cryptography, properties of binary functions)
Dr. J. Jedwab* (design theory, coding, cryptography)
Dr K.G. Paterson (cryptography and coding theory)
Current periodicals: T

UNIVERSITY OF HULL University of Hull, Cottingham Road, Hull HU6 7RX.
Tel: 01482 465885    Fax: 01482 466218

Department of Mathematics
Prof. R. Shaw* (Emeritus) (finite geometry)
Dr. N.A. Gordon (465870) (finite geometry, computer algebra)
Current periodicals: J, P, R, T

IMPERIAL COLLEGE Imperial College, Huxley Building, 180 Queensgate, London SW7 2BZ.
Tel: 0171 589 5111    Fax: 0171 584 7596
Department of Mathematics
Prof. G.D. James, Prof. M. Liebeck, Dr. O. Pretzel*, Dr. L. White
UNIVERSITY OF KEELE University of Keele, Keele, Staffordshire ST5 5BG.
Tel: 01782 621111    Fax: 01782 584268

Department of Mathematics
Dr. D. Bedford* (583468) (latin squares; designs)
K. Walker (583268) (graphs) %
Research student %
R. Whitaker (Dr. Bedford) (Quasi-orthogonal latin squres)
Lecture courses
Graph theory (36 lectures, 3rd year u/g, Mr. Walker)
Discrete mathematics (36 lectures, 3rd year u/g, Dr. Bedford)
Current periodicals: H, S, X, Y, h

UNIVERSITY OF KENT AT CANTERBURY Cornwallis Building, The University, Canterbury, Kent CT2 7NF.
Tel: 01227 764000    Fax: 01227 827932

Institute of Mathematics and Statistics
G.M. Clarke (827901) (non-orthogonal Graeco-Latin designs)
Dr. R. Hughes Jones (823799) (enumerating and constructing polyhedral surfaces)
Prof. P Fleischmann (823654) (algebraic combinatorics, root systems, Mobius function)
Prof. S.C. Pearce (827263) (block designs; row and column designs)
Prof. D.A. Preece* (827901) (Graeco-Latin designs, nested BIBDs, single-change covering designs, neighbour designs)
D.H. Rees (01243 375250) (non-orthogonal Graeco-Latin designs, nested BIBDs, neighbour designs)
Dr. B.J. Vowden (823649) (Graeco-Latin designs)
Dr. C.F. Woodcock (823803) (orthogonal Latin squares)

Canterbury Business School
The University, Canterbury, Kent, CT2 7PE
Tel: 01227 784564    Fax: 01227 761187

Dr. J.D. Lamb (824046) (graphs, matroids, algorithms and applications)

Lecture courses
Discrete mathematics (30 lectures, 3rdyear u/g,Dr. Woodcock)
Computational algebra (30 lectures, 3rd year u/g, Prof. Fleischmann)
Current periodicals: E, F, T

KING'S COLLEGE, LONDON King's College, Strand, London WC2R 2LS.
Tel: 0171 836 5454    Fax: 0171 836 1799

Department of Mathematics
Dr. J. Caunter* (reconstruction theory, graph colourings, four colour problem, Hamiltonian problem)
Lecture course
Mathematical theory of games (3rd year u/g, Dr. Caunter)
Current periodicals: N

UNIVERSITY OF LANCASTER University of Lancaster, Lancaster LA1 4YL.
Tel: 01524 593960    Fax: 01524 592681

Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Dr. A.G. Chetwynd* (combinatorial applications in statistics)
Current periodicals: E, F, T, Y, b, e

UNIVERSITY OF LEEDS University of Leeds, Leeds LS2 9JT.
Tel: 0113 2335140    Fax: 0113 2335145

School of Mathematics
Prof. S.B. Cooper (graph theory, Ramsey theory, finite set systems),
Dr. H.D. Macpherson* (permutation groups and related combinatorics),
Prof. J. K. Truss (permutation groups, automorphisms of infinite Steiner systems)
Research Students
G. Campero-Arena (Prof. Truss, countable homogeneous ordered structures)
Lecture courses
Introduction to Discrete Maths (22 lectures, 2nd year u/g, Prof. Cooper)
Graph theory (22 lectures, 3rd year u/g, Dr. Cooper)
Combinatorics (22 lectures, 3rd year u/g, Prof. J.C.McConnell)
Coding theory (22 lectures, 3rd year u/g, Prof. Robson)
Working Paper series

School of Computer Studies
University of Leeds, Leeds LS6 2HN
Tel. 0113 233 5430    Fax 0113 233 5468

Dyer, Prof. Martin (algorithms and complexity)
Other researchers
Greenhill, Dr. Catherine (Prof. Dyer, algorithms and complexity)
Lecture course
Introduction to Algorithms
Theory of computation
Computational graph theory and complexity
Modern issues in algorithmic design
Research Report Series

Current periodicals: P, X, Y

UNIVERSITY OF LEICESTER Leicester University, University Road, Leicester LE1 7RH.

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Tel: 0116 2523887    Fax: 0116 2523604

Dr. R.J. Marsh (2525107) (quantum groups, Lie algebras, Weyl groups and related piecewise-linear combinatorics)
Dr. J. Nurmonen (2523883) (finite model theory)
Prof. I.A. Stewart (2525237) (finite model theory; complexity theory; pure, applied, and algorithmic
graph theory)
Prof. R.M. Thomas* (2523411) (combinatorial group and semigroup theory, automata theory)
Dr. W.W. Wheeler (2525106) (combinatorial group theory)

Other researcher based in the Department
Prof. R.O. Davies (retired) (2705002)

Research students
R. Gault (Prof. Stewart) (finite model theory)
D.W. Parkes (Prof. Thomas) (groups and automata)
M. Hoffman (Prof. Thomas) (semigroups and automata)
S.R. Larkin (Prof. Thomas) (group theory and computer science)
Lecture courses
Logic and Discrete Structures (36 lectures, 1st year u/g, Prof. Thomas)
Algorithms and Data Structures (36 lectures, 1st year u/g, Dr. Measor and Dr. Ghani)
Pure Mathematics at Work (18 lectures, 1st year u/g, Dr. Ault)
Automata, Languages and Computation (36 lectures, 2nd year u/g, Prof. Thomas)
Design and Analysis of Algorithms (36 lectures, 2nd year u/g, Prof. Stewart)
Optimisation (18 lectures, 2nd year u/g, Dr. Phillips)
Coding Theory (36 lectures, 3rd year u/g, Dr. Ault)
Parallel and Distributed Computing (36 lectures, 3rd year u/g, Prof. Thomas)

The department holds regular seminars (given by internal and external speakers) in Mathematics and Computer Science, including several on
combinatorics; details may be found on the web; see

Technical Reports
The department has a technical report series, copies of which may be obtained on request. Details are available on the web at:

Department of Psychology
Tel: 0116 2522170

Dr. R.T. Gillett (2522171)

Current periodicals: E, F, M, N, P, Q, T, X, Y, b, h

LONDON SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS London School of Economics, Houghton Street, London WC2A 2AE.
Departmental Office
Tel: 0171 955 7732 - 0171 955 6373
Fax: 0171 955 6877

Department of Mathematics, and Centre for Discrete and Applicable Mathematics
Prof. Steve Alpern (ergodic theory, game theory, search theory)
Dr. Martin Anthony* (computational learning theory, neural networks, theory of computing)
Prof. Norman Biggs (algebraic graph theory, history of combinatorics, applications in physics and finance)
Prof. Graham Brightwell (partially ordered sets, random structures)
Dr. Jan van den Heuvel (graph theory, discrete mathematics, applications)
Dr. Bernhard von Stengel (Game theory and Complexity)
Research students
W.S. Chan (Dr. Anthony) (Computational learning theory and combinatorics)
Snezana Pejic (Dr. van den Heuvel) (frequency assignment)
Phillipp Reinfeld (Prof. Biggs) (algebraic graph theory)
Ben Veal (Dr. Anthony)
CDAM Research Reports
Details and reports can be requested from Jackie Everid, (info@maths.lse.ac.uk, 0171 955 6373)

Department of Operational Research
Tel: 0171 955 7653

Dr. Gautam Appa (orthogonal latin squares, mixed integer programming, robust regression)
Dr. Hugues Marchand
Dr. S. Powell (mathematical programming and combinatorial optimization, operational research)

Lecture courses
Discrete mathematics (20 lectures, 3rd year u/g, Dr. van den Heuvel)
Theory of graphs (20 lectures, 3rd year u/g and M.Sc., Prof. Biggs)
Combinatorial optimization (20 lectures, 3rd year u/g and M.Sc., Dr. Appa)
Complexity theory (20 lectures, 3rd year u/g and M.Sc., Dr.von Stengel)
Computational learning theory (20 lectures, M.Sc., Dr. Anthony)
Discrete and applicable mathematics, organized by Dr. von Stengel

UNIVERSITY OF MANCHESTER University of Manchester, Oxford Road, Manchester M13 9PL.
Tel: 0161 275 5800    Fax: 0161 275 5819

Department of Mathematics
Prof. N. Ray* (umbral calculus, chromatic polynomials, posets of partitions and permutations, permutation matrices, Hopf algebras and quantum structures, Toric varieties and polytopes)
Dr. R. Sandling (block designs)
Dr. G. Walker (modular representation theory, symmetric functions, Schur functions, partitions,
Young tableaux, pictures)
Research students
Andrew Maynard (Ray, M., combinatorial coalgebra and formal power series)
Lecture courses
Trees and networks (1st year u/g, Prof. Ray)
Coding theory (3rd year u/g, Dr. McCrudden)
Combinatorics (4th year, u/g, Prof. Ray)
Discrete mathematics (2nd year u/g, Dr. Sandling)
Discrete optimization (3rd year u/g, Dr. Sandling)
Occasional joint combinatorics seminars, in conjunction with Salford University and UMIST (details from N. Ray)
Current periodicals: E, F, P, R, S, U, X, Y

Tel: 0161 200 3641    Fax: 0161 200 3669

Department of Mathematics
Mr. J. Gilder*, Prof. R.M. Bryant, Dr. P.J. Rowley, Dr. P.J. Laycock
Dr. A.V. Borovik (matroids and generalisations, Coxeter matroids, Coxeter groups)
Occasional joint combinatorics seminar in conjunction with Salford University and
Manchester University; details from N. Ray (Manchester)
Lecture course
Combinatorics (24 lectures, 3rd year u/g, J. Gilder)
Coding theory (24 lectures, 3rd year u/g, J. Gilder)
Discrete mathematics (24 lectures, 2nd year, u/g, Mr. Gilder)
current periodicals: C, D, K, L, N, U

UNIVERSITY OF MIDDLESEX Middlesex University Business School, The Burroughs, London, NW4 4BT
Tel: 0181 362 5581

Mathematics and Statistics Group
Dr Thomas D Bending*, (Bent functions; finite geometrics; lotteries).
David F Jarrett, (Graph Theory applied to traffic modelling)
Dr Patricia Wackrill (Graph theory, traffic modelling, Celtic knotwork)
Prof. Chris Wright (Graph theory, routing on networks)
Lecture Courses
Discrete Maths (2nd yr u/g)
Further Maths (3rd yr u/g)
Current Periodicals: F, T, b


Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 7RU.0
Tel: 0191 222 6000    Fax: 0191 222 8020

Department of Mathematics
Prof. R.H. Dye (geometry of the classical groups, spreads, ovoids, configurations and their groups)
Dr. A.J. Duncan (combinatorial group theory, one-relator products of groups, decision problems and equations over presentations of groups)
Dr. O.H. King* (subgroup structure of classical groups, Buekenhout geometries)
Dr. F.A. Leinen (locally finite groups, infinite permutation groups, finitary linear groups and Lie algebras, existentially closed groups, group theoretic constructions)
Dr. S. Rees (algorithms in group theory and geometry, automatic groups and related classes of groups, connections between group theory and formal language theory)
Research students
S. Fulthorp (Dr. Duncan)
A. Harkins (Dr. Rees)
O. Payne (Dr. Rees)
K. Reynolds (Dr. Duncan)
Lecture courses
Graph Theory (24 lectures, 2nd/3rd/4th year u/g, alternate years, Dr. Duncan)
Coding Theory (24 lectures, 2nd/3rd/4th year u/g, alternate years, Dr. Ford)
Geometries and Designs (24 lectures, 3rd/4th year u/g, alternate years)
Current periodicals: E, F, P, R, T, U X, Y, c, d

UNIVERSITY OF NORTH LONDON University of North London, 166-220 Holloway Road, London N7 8DB.
Tel: 0171 607 2789

School of Communications Technology and Mathematical Sciences
Dr. C. Cooper*

STORM Research Centre
Prof. I. Kovalenko

Lecture courses
Discrete mathematics (3rd year u/g)
Graph theory (2nd year u/g)
Coding theory (3rd year u/g)
Current periodicals: C, D

UNIVERSITY OF NOTTINGHAM University of Nottingham, University Park, Nottingham NG7 2RD.
Tel: 0115 951 4949    Fax 0115 951 4951

School of Mathematical Sciences
Dr. D.R. Woodall* (951 4959) (graph colourings, chromatic polynomials, electoral systems)
Research students
A.M. Robertshaw (Dr. Woodall)
Lecture courses
Introductory Graph Theory (30 lectures, 3rd yr u/g, Dr. Anderson)
Graph theory (30 lectures, 3rd and 4th year u/g alt. years, Dr. Woodall)
Combinatorics (30 lectures, 3rd and 4th year u/g alt. years, Dr. Woodall)
Coding and cryptography (30 lectures, 3rd year u/g, Dr. Woodall)
Current periodicals: none

THE OPEN UNIVERSITY The Open University, Walton Hall, Milton Keynes MK7 6AA.
Tel: 01908 653479    Fax: 01908 653744

Faculty of Mathematics and Computing
Dr. F.C. Holroyd (652327) (fractional and circular graph colourings; graceful and related tree labellings)
Dr. B.M. Maenhaut (659274) (combinatorial design theory, graph theory)
R. Nelson (retired) (Ramsey theory)
Dr. K.A.S. Quinn* (653909) (designs and their applications)
Dr. C.A. Rowley (0171 794 0575) (design of experiments, problems in document science)
Dr. B.S. Webb (653242, 01752 896138) (automorphisms of designs and permutation representation)
Dr. R.J. Wilson (652337) (edge-colourings of graphs, history of combinatorics, spectral graph theory)
Research fellows
Prof. M.J. Grannell (sec. 653479) (combinatorial design theory, combinatorial computing, Steiner systems)
Prof. T.S. Griggs (654991) (combinatorial design theory, combinatorial computing, Steiner systems)
Research students
G.K. Bennett (part-time, Prof. Grannell, Prof. Griggs and Dr. Webb) (topological design theory)
P. Garcia (Dr. Wilson) (history of combinatorics)
T. Johnson (part-time, Dr. Holroyd) (graph multi-colourings, colourings with structured colour set)
G. J. Lovegrove (part-time, Prof. Grannell, Prof. Griggs and Dr. Quinn) (automorphisms of designs)
J. Williams (part-time, Dr. Wilson) (total colourings)
I. Watts (part-time, Dr. Holroyd) (graph homomorphisms, generalisations of graph colourings)

Faculty of Technology
Tel. 01908 652944    Fax 01908 654052

Dr. A.K. Dolan (networks)
Dr. J.H. Johnson (networks, complex systems, computer vision, transportation systems)
Dr. J. Rooney (robotics, kinematic geometry, Clifford algebras, differential geometry, screw theory, tensegrity structures)
Research Student
J.D. Hobbs (part-time, Dr. Rooney) (mechanical space systems, reconfigurable structures)

MT365: Graphs, networks and design (half-credit, third level)
Current periodicals: N, P, X, Y, b

UNIVERSITY OF OXFORD The Mathematical Institute, 24-29 St. Giles, Oxford OX1 3LB.
Tel: 01865 273525    Fax: 01865 273583

Faculty of Mathematical Sciences
Dr. M.B. Powell (St. Peter's) (groups and codes)
Prof. D.J.A. Welsh* (Merton) (applied probability, complexity)
Dr. R. Gower
Dr. R. Leese (St. Catherine's) (channel assignment problems)

Department of Statistics
1 South Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3TG.
Tel: 01865 272860    Fax: 01865 272595
Dr. C.J.H. McDiarmid (Corpus Christi) (probability and algorithms, probabilistic methods in combinatorics, colouring problems)

Research students
N. Bone (Merton, Prof. Welsh and Dr. Sanders)
S. Gerke (Corpus, Dr McDiarmid)
M. Luczak (St. Catherine's, Prof. Welsh)
C. Merino-Lopez (Somerville, Prof. Welsh)
M. Mosca (Wolfson, Prof. Welsh and Dr. Ekert)
U. Ruhrmair (Brasenose, Prof. Welsh)
I. Sarmiento (Merton, Prof. Welsh)
M. Shepherd (Merton, Dr. Leese)
Lecture courses
Combinatorial optimisation (12 lectures, 2nd year u/g, Dr. McDiarmid)
Communication theory (16 lectures, 3rd year u/g, Dr. McDiarmid and Dr. Powell)
Complexity and cryptography (16 lectures, 3rd year u/g, Prof. Welsh)
Randomised algorithms (16 lectures, 1st year p/g, Prof. Welsh)
Combinatorial theory (Tuesdays at 3 p.m.)
Current periodicals: D, E, J, K, L, N, P, Q, T, Y

UNIVERSITY OF PORTSMOUTH Mercantile House, Hampshire Terrace, Portsmouth, Hants PO1 2EG.
Tel: 023 92 843016    Fax: 023 92 843106

School of Computer Science and Mathematics,
Division of Mathematics & Statistics
Dr. C.W. Evans* (843119) (graph theory, combinatorial theory, coding theory and designs)
Dr. A. Makroglou
Mr. T.S. Manns
Lecture courses
Graph and networks (24 lectures, final year u/g, Dr. Makroglou)
Discrete Mathematics (24 lectures, electrical engineering stage 2, Mr T Manns)
Projects (final year u/g)
Occasional seminars
Current periodicals: X, Y, b

QUEEN MARY AND WESTFIELD COLLEGE Queen Mary and Westfield College, Mile End Road, London E1 4NS.
Tel: 0171 975 5440    Fax: 0181 980 9587

School of Mathematical Sciences (Mathematics Research Center)
Prof. D.K. Arrowsmith (graph colourings, percolation theory, interaction models and knot invariants)
Prof. R.A. Bailey (design of experiments,latin squares and their generalisations, designs for complicated block structures, association schemes, partition species)
Prof. P.J. Cameron* (groups and their operants, graphs, codes, designs, models, orbits and enumeration)
Dr. J.W.B. Hughes (representations of Lie superalgebras)
Dr. Thomas Müller (from January 1999; group theory, combinatorics, analysis)
Dr. L.H. Soicher (5463) (computational group theory, graph theory, finite geometry, design
Dr. Keldon Drudge (Research Fellow, finite geometry)
Prof. Dan Hughes (Emeritius Professor: finite geometry)
Dr. Cecile Huybrechts (Research fellow; finite geometry)
Prof. Ian Macdonald (Emertius professor; symetric functios, representation theory)
Prof. Harriet Pollatsek ( visitor 1998-99; finite groups and geometries, difference sets)
Research students
Alexis Andreou (Prof. Cameron, codes and designs)
Nicholas Cavenagh (Prof. Cameron, designs, graph decompositions, permutation groups)
Julian D. Gilbey (Prof. Cameron, symmetric functions, bijective proofs)
Michael Giudici ( Prof. Cameron, permutation groups, graphs. Codes)
Colin Lewis (Prof. Bailey, statistical design)
Costas Papadopoulos (Prof. Bailey/Prof. Cameron; trellis decoding)
Chris Pinnock (Prof. Wehrfritz; finitary groups, solubility and nilpotency, representation theory)
Colva Roney-Dougal (Prof. Cameron; permutation groups)
Carrie Rutherford (Prof. Cameron; matroids, Tutte polynomial, codes)
Fuad Shareef (Prof. Cameron; codes and designs)
Sam Tarzi (Prof. Cameron; model theory)
Lecture courses
Optimization techniques in operational research (36 lectures, 2nd year u/g, Dr. Radcliffe, Dr. Wolf)
Discrete mathematics (36 lectures, 1st year u/g, Prof. Donkin)
Algorithmic Mathematics (36 lectures, 2nd year u/g., Dr Soicher)
Graph Theory and Applications (36 lectures, 2nd/3rd year u/g., Prof. Hodges)
Coding Theory (36 lectures, 3rd year u/g., Dr Radcliffe)
Design of Experiments (36 lectures, 3rd year u/g., Dr. Bogacka)
Sets, logic and categories (24 lectures, 4th year, M.Sc., Prof. Cameron)
Combinatorics study group (Prof. Cameron, Thursdays 2:30pm)
Design of Experiments (Prof. Bailey, Thursday 4:30pm)
Pure Mathematics (Prof. Donkin, Monday 4:30pm)
Current periodicals: B, E, F, H, P, R, T, U, X, Y, g

RACAL RESEARCH LIMITED Racal Research Ltd., Worton Drive, Worton Grange Industrial Estate, Reading, Berks GR2 0SB.
Tel: 0118 9868601    Fax: 0118 9238399

Dr. R.B.D. Horne*
Dr. A. Waller
Current periodicals: F, N

UNIVERSITY OF READING Department of Mathematics, University of Reading, Whiteknights, P.O. Box 220 Reading,
Berks RG6 6AX.
Tel: 0118 987 5123    Fax: 0118 931 3423    e-mail: smsmaths@rdg.susssysl.ac.uk

Department of Mathematics
Dr. J.K. Dugdale (graph theory) Tel: 0118 9875123, ext. 4012
Prof. A.J.W. Hilton* (graph theory, design theory, finite set systems) Tel: 0118 931 8989
Dr.W.R.Johnstone (graph theory) Tel: 0118 9875123,ext.4013
Prof. C.St.J.A. Nash-Williams (graph theory) Tel: 0118 931 8992
Dr. D.S.G. Stirling (graph theory)
Honorary fellow
Dr. D.C. Daykin
Research Student
Lecture courses
Combinatorics (20 lectures, 1st year u/g,Dr Dugdale)
Combinatorics (40 lectures, 3nd year u/g, Dr. Dugdale, Prof. Hilton)
Graph theory (40 lectures, 3rd year u/g, Dr. Dugdale, Prof. Hilton)
Combinatorics (20 lectures, 3rd year u/g, Prof. Hilton)
Research seminar
Combinatorics seminar (Mondays at 3 p.m.)
One-Day Combinatorics Colloquium: 17th May 2000
Current periodicals: C, N, P, S, X, Y, b

Tel: 01582 763133    Fax: 01582 4671166

Statistics Department
Prof. R.W. Payne*, (Statistical computing, design and analysis of experiments, identification keys and diagnostic tables, statistical modeling)
Welham, Sue (REML estimation of various components, neighbour effects, design of laboratory experiments, statistical modeling
Current periodicals: E, F

ROYAL HOLLOWAY Royal Holloway, Egham Hill, Egham, Surrey TW20 0EX.
Department of Mathematics
Tel: 01784 443093    Fax: 01784 430766

Dr. M.V.D. Burmester ( information security; cryptography, complexity)
Dr. R.M. Damerell (algebraic combinatorics, computing applications)
Prof. J.W. Essam (applications of graph theory, combinatorics, numerical analysis and computing techniques to problems in critical phenomena theory, in particular to phase transitions, conduction in disordered materials, polymer science, epidemic models and cellular automata)
Dr. A. Fuchsberger (cryptography and information security)
Dr. K.M. Martin (cryptography and information security)
Prof. C. Mitchell (cryptography and information security)
Dr. S.P. Murphy (spatial probability, cryptography)
Dr. C.W. Norman (algebraic topics)
Prof. F.C. Piper (algebraic combinatorics: finite geometry, theory of designs, coding theory, cryptography)
Prof. P.R. Wild* (algebraic combinatorics: designs and difference sets, statistical applications, applications of discrete mathematics to data communications, coding theory, cryptography)
Visiting Professors
Prof. H.J. Beker (Zergo Ltd), Prof. D.W. Davies,
Prof. Y. Desmedt, Prof. M. Walker (Vodaphone Ltd),
Research Staff
Dr. S. Blackburn
Dr. S. Ng
Research students
G. Blacklaw, M. Charalambous, A. Dent, E. Fazey, S. M. Kim, F. Mirza, K. Rantos, P. Rowe, T. Stinchcombe, R. Stockwell, C. Swart, B. Wallace, Y. Yemane, C. Y. Yeun
Lecture courses
Discrete mathematics (33 lectures, 2nd year u/g, Dr. Cohn)
Cipher systems (33 lectures, 3rd year u/g, Prof.Wild)
Combinatorics (33 lectures, 3rd year u/g, Dr. Yates)
Error correcting codes (33 lectures, 3rd year u/g, Dr. Cohn)
Game theory (33 lectures, 3rd year u/g, Dr. Burmester)
Combinatorial optimisation (33 lectures, 3rd year u/g, Dr. Yates)
Theory of graphs (33 lectures, 3rd year u/g, Dr. Damerell)
Theory of error correcting codes (33 lectures, p/g, Dr. Burmester)
Cipher systems (33 lectures, p/g, Prof. Wild)
Combinatorics (33 lectures, p/g, Dr. Damerell)
Graph theory (33 lectures, p/g, Dr. Damerell)
Design theory (33 lectures, p/g, Prof. Wild)
Discrete Optimisation (33 lectures, p/g, Dr. Yates)

The Department of Mathematics runs taught M.Sc. programmes in Information Security,
Discrete Mathematics with Computing Applications and Dependable Computer Systems jointly with the Department of Computer Science.
Discrete mathematics and its applications (organizer: Dr. Blackburn) (Tuesdays at 4.00 p.m. in room 219)

Department of Computer Science
Tel: 01784 443421    Fax: 01784 443420
Prof. J.S. Shawe-Taylor*, Dr. P.G. Jeavons
Visiting Professor
D.W. Davies CBE FRS
Lecture courses
Theory of computing (33 lectures, 1st year u/g, Dr. Jeavons)
Discrete mathematics and probability (33 lectures, 1st year u/g, Dr. Murphy)
Design and analysis of algorithms (33 lectures, 2nd year u/g, Dr. Gollman)
Formal languages (33 lectures, 2nd year u/g, Dr. Gollman)
Signals, codes and ciphers (33 lectures, 3rd year u/g, Dr. Price, Prof. Mitchell and Prof. Shawe-Taylor)
Neural networks (33 lectures, 3rd year u/g, Prof. Shawe-Taylor)
Connection science and machine learning (organizer: Prof. Shawe-Taylor)
Current periodicals: E, F, H, J, M, N, P, S, T, X, b, h

UNIVERSITY OF ST. ANDREWS The Mathematical Institute, North Haugh, St. Andrews, Fife KY16 9SS.
Tel: 01334 463745    Fax: 01334 463748

School of Mathematical and Computational Sciences
Prof. M.D. Atkinson (algorithms, strings, permutations, orderings, complexity)
Dr. C.M. Campbell* (combinatorial group theory, combinatorics of semigroup presentations)
R.L. Constable (combinatorics)
Prof. K.J. Falconer (combinatorial geometry)
Prof. A.W. Kemp (combinatorial applications in statistics)
Dr. C.D. Kemp (combinatorial applications in statistics)
Dr. S.A. Linton (combinatorial group theory, computational graph theory)
Prof. U.H.M. Martin (algorithms on strings, orderings, termination problems)
Dr. J.H. McCabe (graph theory, number theory)
Dr. J.J. O'Connor (combinatorial group theory)
Dr. L. Olsen (analysis and combinatorics)
Prof. E.F. Robertson (combinatorial group theory, combinatorics of semigroup presentations)
Dr. N. Ruskuc (combinatorial semigroup theory)
Dr. B.O. Stratmann (combinatorial group theory, Kleinian groups)
Lecture courses
Computational mathematics (56 lectures, 2nd year u/g)
Finite mathematics (24 lectures, 3rd/4th year u/g, alternate years)
Graphs (24 lectures, 3rd/4th year u/g, alternate years)
Various courses involving algorithms and complexity at 3rd/4th year u/g..
Current periodicals: A, B, E, F, U, X, f

ST. MARY'S UNIVERSITY COLLEGE St. Mary's University College, Strawberry Hill, Twickenham, Middlesex TW1 4SX.
Tel: 0181 240 4000    Fax: 0181 240 4255

Department of Mathematics
Dr. E.A. Evans* (information theory)
G. Hunter (applications of graph theory to statistical mechanics, edge disjoint partitions)
Lecture courses
Discrete mathematics (50 lectures, 1st year u/g)
Operational research (50 lectures, 3rd year u/g)
Graph theory (50 lectures, 3rd year u/g)

UNIVERSITY OF SALFORD University of Salford, Salford M5 4WT.
Tel: 0161 295 3999    Fax: 0161 295 5559

Mathematics Section, School of Sciences
Prof. R. Hill* (coding theory, finite geometries)
Visiting Professor
T. Maruta (September 2000 - August 2001)
Research students
Jones, C.M. (Prof. Hill, coding theory)
Love, C.P. (Dr. Hill, coding theory)
Lecture courses
Discrete mathematics (48 lectures, 2nd year u/g, Prof. Hill)
Coding theory (48 lectures, 3rd year u/g, Prof. Hill)
Current periodicals: J, P, T, h

SOUTH BANK UNIVERSITY S.C.I.S.M., South Bank University, 103 Borough Road, London SE1 0AA.
Tel: 0171 815 7400    Fax: 0171 815 7499

School of Computing, Information Systems and Mathematics
Jennings, Dr. Sylvia* (coding theory, text compression)
King Sing, Dr. Roland H.T. (combinatorial models of fault based program testing)
Whitty, Prof. Robin (Graph theoretical modeling of human memory)
Visiting Professor:
Singmaster, David (recreational mathematics)
Lecture courses
Discrete mathematics occurs in the first year of all the computing courses (S. Jennings, R. Whitty, D. Singmaster).
Option in Applied Cryptography occurs in the final year (S. Jennings)
Working Paper Series
Current periodicals: T

UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHAMPTON University of Southampton, Southampton SO17 1BJ.
Tel: 01703 593612 (NB changing to 023 8059 3612 from June 1999)
Fax: 01703 595147 (NB changing to 023 8059 3612 from June 1999)

Faculty of Mathematical Studies
Dr. G.A. Jones (3654) (permutation groups, connections between groups and graphs)
Dr. E.K. Lloyd* (5127) (combinatorics and graph theory including applications and history)
Prof. R.C. King (3700) (representations theory of Lie algebra and superalgebras, applications in Physics)
Dr. C.N. Potts (3651) (combinatorics and graph theory)
Dr. D. Singerman (3671) (discontinous groups with applications to Riemann surfaces and the
theory of maps)
Prof. H.P. Williams (3794) (integer programming)
Research students
D. Maureemootoo (Dr. Jones, part-time)
Lecture courses
Combinatorics and Graph theory (13 lectures, 1st year u/g,Dr.Lloyd)
Theory of numbers (36 lectures, 3rd/4th year u/g,Prof. Vic Snaith)
Networks and combinatorial optimisation (20 lectures, M.Sc. in Operational Research, Prof. Williams)
Scheduling (10 lectures,M.Sc. in Operational Research, Dr. Potts)
Algorithms (36 lectures, 2nd year, u/g, Dr. Glass)
Information and coding Theory (36 lectures, 3rd year u/g, Dr. Jones)
Algorithms, machines and languages (36 lectures, 3rd/4th year u/g, Dr. Jones)
Finite Mathematics (36 lectures, 3rd/4th year u/g, Dr. Jim Renshaw)

Department of Management
01703 593966 (NB changing to 02380 593966 from June 1999)
Miss Julia A. Bennell (593567)

Current periodicals: A, C, E, F, M, N, P, R, T, X, Y

STAFFORDSHIRE UNIVERSITY School of Computing, Staffordshire University, Leek Road, Stoke-on-Trent, ST4 2AZ.
Tel/Fax: 01782 294026

Mathematics and Statistics Group
Burrows, Prof. Brian cmtblb@soc.staffs.ac.uk
Easton, Dr. Sarah* cmtsje@soc.staffs.ac.uk
Pratt, Mr. Fred cmtjfo@soc.staffs.ac.uk
Talbot, Dr. Richard F. cmtrft@soc.staffs.ac.uk
Research students
Millington, June (Measurement of disorder in non-periodic sequences, Burrow, Prof. B, Talbot, Dr. R.)

UNIVERSITY OF STIRLING The University of Stirling, Dept. of Computing Science and Mathematics, Stirling, Scotland FK9 4LA.
Tel: 01786 467460    Fax: 01786 464551

Mathematics and Statistics Group, Department of Computing Science & Mathematics
Dr. F.K. Bell (467462) (algebraic graph theory)
Dr. P.S. Jackson (467430) (algebraic graph theory)
Prof. P. Rowlinson* (467464) (algebraic graph theory)
Lecture courses
Discrete structures (44 lectures, 1st year u/g)
Combinatorics (32 lectures, 3rd/4th year u/g, alternate years)
Algebra and codes (32 lectures, 3rd/4th year u/g, alternate years)
Current periodicals: C, F, P, R, X, Y, b, d

UNIVERSITY OF SURREY University of Surrey, Guildford, Surrey GU2 5XH.
Tel: 01483 300800    Fax: 01483 259385

Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Honorary Visiting Senior Research Fellows
Dr. A.D. Keedwell* (Latin squares and quasigroups, finite projective planes, coding theory)
Dr. P.J. Owens (cycles in graphs, Latin squares)

Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering
Dr. D.R.B. Burgess (Coding and security in communications)

Lecture courses
Groups and symmetry (36 lectures, 2nd year u/g, Prof. Bridges)
Algorithms and data structures (36 lectures, 2nd year u/g, Mr. Bish)
Statistical methods (36 lectures, 2nd year u/g, Dr. Young)
Current periodicals: C, E, F, T, X, Y, b, c, i

UNIVERSITY OF SUSSEX University of Sussex, Brighton, East Sussex BN1 9QH.
Tel: 01273 678105    Fax: 01273 678097

School of Mathematical Sciences
Dr. J.W.P. Hirschfeld* (finite geometry, coding theory) http://www.maths.susx.ac.uk/Staff/JWPH/
Dr. R.P. Lewis (theory of partitions) http://www.maths.susx.ac.uk/Staff/RPL.html/
Research students
L. Guizzi (Dr. Hirschfeld, finite geometry)
P.R. Hammond (Dr. Lewis, number theory)
Lecture courses
Discrete Maths I (30 lectures, 1st yr u/g, Dr,Wraith)
Discrete Maths II (30 lectures, 1st yr u/g, Dr. Lewis)
Number theory (30 lectures, 2nd year u/g, Dr. Lewis)
Graph theory (30 lectures, 3rd and 4th year u/g, Dr. Lewis)
Coding theory (30 lectures, 3rd and 4th year u/g, Dr. Hirschfeld)
Algebraic geometry I (30 lectures, p/g, Dr. Hirschfeld)
Algebraic geometry II (30 lectures, p/g, Dr. Hirschfeld)
Topology, Algebra and Geometry Group seminars, Dr. Lewis. Fridays 12.30 p.m.
Working Paper series
TAGG research reports can be requested from Richard Chambers (r.j.chambers@sussex.ac.uk)
Current periodicals: E, F, P, R, T, X, c

UNIVERSITY COLLEGE, LONDON University College, Gower Street, London WC1E 6BT.
Tel: 0171 387 7050    Fax: 0171 383 5519

Department of Mathematics
(extension 2838)
Prof. C.A. Rogers (retired), Prof. D.G. Larman, Prof. D. Preiss, Prof. K.M. Ball, Dr. J.A. Haight, Dr. I. Leader*, Prof. P. McMullen, Dr. A.D. Scott, Prof. I. Barany, M. Csornyei
Research Students
M. Antilla (Prof. Ball)
R. Johnson (Dr. Leader)
S. Sezgin (Prof. Larman)
J. Talbot (Dr. Leader)
Lecture courses
Optimisation (2nd year u/g, Dr. Leader)
Graph Theory and Combinatorics (3rd year u/g, Dr. Leader)
Geometry of numbers (3rd year u/g, Prof. Larman)
Computational Geometry (3rd year u/g, Prof. McMullen)
Game theory (3rd year u/g, Prof. Binmore)
Colloquium (Wednesdays at 2.30 p.m.)
Informal Seminar, Mondays at 4.00pm

Department of Economics
Prof. K. Binmore

Department of Biology (Galton Laboratory)
Prof. C.A.B. Smith

UNIVERSITY COLLEGE, SWANSEA University College, Swansea SA2 8PP.
Tel: 01792 205678    Fax: 01792 295618

Department of Mathematics
Dr. F.W. Clarke, Dr. R.J. Cook*, Dr. A.D. Thomas
Lecture courses
Combinatorics (20 lectures, 3rd year u/g, Dr. Cook)
Applied algebra (40 lectures, 3rd year u/g, Dr. Clarke)

Department of Chemistry
C.W. Haigh

VODAFONE LIMITED The Courtyard, 2-4 London Road, Newbury, Berkshire RG14 1JX.
Tel: 01635 33251    Fax: 01635 31127
Dr. S. Babbage, Dr. J. Brown, Dr. C. Cooke, S. Dobinson, Dr N. Jefferies, S. Manning, Prof. M. Walker*, R.Wright, Dr. D. Youngs.
(Cryptography, randomness, statistics, applications of graph theory and combinatorics)
Current periodicals: N, Z
UNIVERSITY OF WARWICK University of Warwick, Coventry, CV4 7AL.

Department of Computer Science
Tel: 024 7652 3193    Fax: 024 7657 3024
Dr. L.A. Goldberg* (combinatorial algorithms, randomised algorithms) 024 7652 3363 http://www.dcs.warwick.ac.uk/~leslie/
Dr. Paul Goldberg (combinatorial algorithms, VC dimension) 024 7652 3088 http://www.dcs.warwick.ac.uk/~pwg/
Prof. M. Paterson (string algorithms, combinatorial algorithms) 024 7652 3194 http://www.dcs.warwick.ac.uk/~msp
Research Students
Hesham Al-Ammal (Goldberg) (contention resolution protocols)
Graham Cormode (Paterson) (data compression and combinatorial algorithms)
Steven Kelk (Goldberg) (combinatorial algorithms, randomised algorithms)
Jon Sharp (Paterson) (combinatorial algorithms)
Lecture courses
Mathematics for computer scientists (1st year u/g)
Discrete Maths 1 (1st year u/g)
Discrete Maths 2 (1st year, u/g)
Data Structures and Algorithms (2nd year, u/g)
Complexity of algorithms (3rd year, u/g)
Web Page
Algorithms and Complexity Theory Research Group http://www.dcs.warwick.ac.uk/~leslie/theory.html

Warwick Business School
Phone: 024-76528220    Fax: 024-76524539
Dr. Bo Chen (Combinatorial Optimisation, On-line/off-line deterministic/randomised combinatorial algorithms) 024-76524755
Dr. Vladimir Deineko (Combinatorial Optimisation, Polynomially Solvable Cases on NP-hard Problems) 024-76524501
Lecture courses
Mathematical Programming (1st, 2nd, 3rd year u/g and master students)
Operational Research (4rd year, u/g)
Optimisation (master students)

ZERGO LIMITED The Square, Basing View, Basingstoke, Hants RG21 2EG
Tel: +44 (0) 1256 818800    Fax: +44 (0) 1256 812901

Prof. H. Beker*, Dr. C. Ciechanowicz, (information security)

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